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With a wide range of service solutions available, we are confident that with just one consultation, the best solution can be developed for your business' specific situation. Let us help you move efficiently from problem to solution in the quickest time possible. All it takes is one conversation.



At FAYM International Inc., we understand the hassle and time consuming process of searching for that one ‘easy-to-find’ product or that one ‘easy’ solution. Whether it is the next amazing piece of equipment that gets the job done in one-third of the time or that tiny part that has crippled production, we can locate it. Sourcing from all seven continents, we put that much-needed item or that required solution within your reach.



Not only do we source for our clients, we also import the item, complete all the necessary import procedures and deliver that items straight to your door. We also provide the same great service in the reverse; we collect the item from your door, complete all the necessary export procedures and set that item safely on its way to your desired destination. Our import/export service encapsulates our slogan – Global Reach, Local Touch.



With a wealth of experience in ship chandelling, FAYM International Inc. has been a reliable supplier to many of the leading cruise liners and freighting vessels docking in the beautiful harbor of Bridgetown, Barbados. We don’t only provide supplies for the seamless operation of the ship but also for the needs and satisfaction of the passengers.  Supplying from food to fabric, sweets to soap, we have been called ‘the go to guys’ in chandelling; and that we are committed to maintaining professionalism and efficiency with all our clients. See you at the docks!

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